Thursday, June 4, 2009

We caught a dog. His name is, "Ruff Ruff Cy" He loved playing in that kennel. Silly boy!

My children had a play date with two friends. I said they could swim if the weather was good. Well it wasn't, so they swam in the tub.

Here or 20 week ultasounds. Can you tell what it is?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Here is our new wood burning stove. Can't wait to use it ASAP

Don't you love the cowboy look? I do woow woow!

A beauty king, he would have won hands down!

Dad's new haircut. For all those who are balding.

Preston and the neighbor boy sledding. YEEHAA!!

This is Cyrus sleding in a box. We pulled each other down a little dirt road that was covered with snow. It was alot of fun. This wa in December of 2008. Sorry my undate is so behind.

Preston's superman birthday cake and pj party. He wore those pj's for days after his birthday. We had fun decorating it.